Preschool children learning

At R2O we believe that all children can achieve. There are no limits to learning and as such no reason for children to begin to read and write at the age of 5. This is supported by numerous studies.  SEE OUR LINKS PAGE.


From the moment of entry into the Primary setting your child is assessed closely to monitor progress.  At R2O we argue that the progress of the children within our scheme can only be supported with ongoing assessment and progress of every child on a continuous basis.


Every lesson will have a learning objective with formative and summative assessment used to measure learning to allow us to identify that the knowledge has been embedded along with full half termly assessment.


This allows us to track each child individually and to see how best they learn and which approach to learning works best for them, tailoring our lessons to the child as they progress.


Progress is measured weekly by our teachers and provided to parents at the end of each half term in the form of written report to include assessment scores.  More personalised feedback is provided at the same time verbally in the form of our “online parents evening” where consultation with your child’s teacher.


We stress that whilst  assessment is continuous and thorough, it is carried out in the same fun format to the children who will not be aware of the ongoing monitoring of their progression by staff ensuring no pressure is put upon them.

How will I know my child has made progress?

We believe that children learn best when they are having fun and it is with this in mind that we plan every lesson.


All lessons are planned,delivered and assessed by a fully qualified teacher with experience of the Early Years and Primary setting.


We teach early literacy using synthetic phonics. Our fun characters bring the sounds to life for the children who learn through a multi sensory approach to teaching.


The classroom is brought to life by our characters who introduce the 44 phoneme’s to children in addition to our alphabet. As children progress they travel through our lands of diagraphs and then triagraphs and learn to form letters and sounds through a variety of approaches to learning.


Our teaching is unique with no two lessons the same using music, physical activity, drama.

Children having fun learning literacy

Will my child get a head start?

We are keen to work with progressive professional children's nurseries who understand the value of giving children a fun way to learn phonics and the head start that they deserve. If your child's nursery doesn't currently work with Route2Oxford we are happy to contact them to establish whether they wish to join us on our quest to give children the start that they deserve. Just click on the button below and give details of your child's nursery and we'll then contact them to see how we may assist in giving your child the best possible start on their educational journey.

Children learning

I want Route2Oxford at my child's nursery?