Each and every single child has the capacity to excel. Here at Route2Oxford we channel their immeasurable enthusiasm for learning new things into outstanding achievement in literacy which provides them with an extraordinary start to Primary Education.


Route2 Oxford offers a unique and unrivalled learning experience to its pupils . We provide an engaging, stimulating and exciting learning experience in which the individual is central from the familiar and comforting setting of your child’s nursery.

Route2 Oxford  offer a breadth and depth of literacy education which not only gives your child a flying start to their Primary Education but goes beyond academic success in academic qualifications and into every sphere in life.

Within the UK today it is clear to that there is an un-level playing field for children upon entry to Primary school. 


Children entering Key Stage 1 with strong literacy skills begin school with a huge advantage above those without and this follows them throughout their education. Children with poor literacy skills have a huge battle to catch up and often the gap between high and low achievers gets larger rather than smaller as the pupils progress to secondary education.


Don't take our word for it click here to see the compelling evidence of put forward by a range of independent experts .

We feel truly privileged to have been given the opportunity of providing this outstanding provision and measuring the huge improvements in not only  pupils attainment in literacy but more importantly their increased enjoyment of the same. 

We look forward to welcoming you personally and working with your child to channel their immeasurable enthusiasm for learning into outstanding achievement in literacy ahead of starting school.

Qualified teacher delivering phonics scheme

"Because a good start is a head start"