Children learning phonics
For Parents
What the Experts say

Learning with Route2Oxford is fun

Children learn best when they are having fun and it is with this in mind that we plan and deliver every lesson. Our children lean through a range of unforgettable characters as they are introduced to our unique phonics programme.

Qualified teachers make a difference

All lessons are planned,delivered and assessed by a fully qualified teacher with experience of the Early Years and Primary setting providing your child with a unique experience in their group lesson and constant evaluation of each child to ensure that challenge is provided.


Reporting  Progress

Assessment by our qualified teacher is ongoing and reported at the end of each term in the form of written report and virtual online parents evening.  We must stress that the assessment is informal ensuring that no pressure is placed upon your child.

Children having fun learning

Children love having fun whilst they learn

Our assessment shows outstanding improvement in every child throughout the 6 week sessions.

What clients think​

​I was amazed at the progress Evie made with just one term at Route2. Working full time I had worried that she may not be getting as good a start in our day nursery as her friends at the nursery attached to school. Evie was keener to go into nursery on the days that she had her lessons. She loved her "letter lady" and is not only recognising phonemes but blending sounds ahead of starting school in September. I wish I had found this sooner and would highly recommend!

Kelly Evans  Shropshire